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Telecourse Authors


Frank B. Gibney (1924-2006) first visited Asia as a lieutenant in U.S. Naval Intelligence stationed in Japan during World War II and returned to Japan in 1949 as Time-Life's bureau chief, covering the Korean War. He remained in Asia where he did extensive reporting in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.   Gibney later served as an editor of Time, a senior features editor of Newsweek and an editorial writer for Life magazine. After joining the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1966, he spent 10 years in charge of Britannica’s business and editorial operations in East Asia. He founded and edited the Japanese-language Britannica (completed in 1975) and later editions of the encyclopedia in Chinese and Korean.  Gibney was the author of 11 books, including Five Gentlemen of Japan (1953),  Japan, the Fragile Super-Power (1975),  Miracle by Design (1983), and The Pacific Century (1992, trade book).  He was chief architect of the award-winning PBS television series Pacific Century and co-founded the Pacific Basin Institute in 1979. In 1997, the Institute moved to Pomona College, where its unique Asia/Pacific film archive, production facilities and public events play an important role in the life and academic activities of the college and community. 



After graduating from Northwestern University Mark Borthwick served in the U.S Army in Vietnam.  Subsequently, he studied at the University of Grenoble, University of Iowa (M.A., PhD), and Duke University (post doctoral).  In 1979-1980 he served on the staff of the Subcommittee on Asian & Pacific Affairs in the U.S. House of Representatives as a AAAS Fellow. He helped found the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council  (PECC) in Singapore and served as its US Executive Director.  In 2002 he joined the East-West Center in Washington DC where he served as Director of the United States Asia Pacific Council until 2014.

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