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      1.  Dynasties, Empires, and Ages of Commerce:  Pacific Asia to the Nineteenth Century

      2.  Seaborne Barbarians: Incursions by the West

      3.  Meiji: Japan in the Age of Imperialsm

      4.  The Rise of Communism and Nationalism

      5.  Maelstrom:  The Pacific War and Its Aftermath

      6.  Miracle by Design: The Postwar Resurgence of Japan

      7.  The New Asian Capitalists

      8.  Power, Authority and the Advent of Democracy

      9.  Sentimental Imperialists: America's Cold War in Asia

   10.  China's Long March to Modernization

   11.  Beyond the Revolution:  Indonesia and Vietnam

   12.  Siberian Salient: Russia in Pacific Asia

   13.  Asia's Resurgence and its Global Implications


Themes of the Pacific Century Course
1.  Early History of Pacific Asia
2. Initial Clashes with the West
Meiji troops attack edit
6 ASIMO_Conducting
7. Asia's Approach to Capitalism
8. Incomplete Democracies
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10 china
11. Beyond the Revolution
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